Femme Flic Le Jour - Femme Pute La Nuit (Female Cop By Day - Bitch By Night)

Released at: April 5, 2011 by JAVA Consulting
Java Consulting presents "Femme-Flic Le Jour Femme-Pute La Nuit", starring Cindy Picardie, Caramella Lang and Erika Wolf. Three girls go on a role-playing mission. Cindy Picardie plays the naughty police officer who pulls over two totally innocent guys and makes them pay their dues in a hot threesome! Caramella Lang is the not-so-innocent schoolgirl who gets bent over the sofa for being naughty! Finally, Erika Wolf plays her hand in a game of poker with her friends. She loses so she must take 3 cocks at once!

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Scene1: 00:00:02 - 00:05:28 (5:26)

Scene2: 00:05:29 - 00:24:45 (19:16)

Scene3: 00:24:46 - 00:45:10 (20:24)

Scene4: 00:45:11 - 01:07:02 (21:51)


Erika Wolf