Fire In Her Hole!

Released at: October 25, 2009 by Smother Babes
Put on your asbestos underwear and get that fire extinguisher filled folks because Ashley's ass is here, and it's about to scorch your fetish world! Hot, hot, HOT Ashley Fires makes her debut here at Smotherbabes, and she wants her ass and pussy orally serviced by a worthless male tongue. Enter her ass slave, whose sole purpose is to provide his face and wet and willing tongue to her at all times, for her grinding and face-riding pleasure. She climbs aboard his face, her beautiful ass sliding up and down and back and forth, her commands instructing her slave to rim her ass deep and hard, before moving over to her wet, moist pussy, the waves of pleasure his oral servitude bringing her ever so much closer to the crashing crescendo of multiple orgasms. Hardcore ass worship! Intense orgasms!

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