Freaks of the Industry

Released at: April 25, 2001 by Darkside Entertainment
The first freak up is Deja, a 19 year-old, slim, brown-skinned cutie pie. She wraps her full lips around Byron's mammoth dick and gives up her tight hot pussy in a bathroom scene. Obsession and Caramel take on Lex Steele. The two freaks give him a double dick suck, then take turns working their wet pussies over his dick and drink his jizz. Leilani and Porsha, two fine black tramp ho's, do Tony Eveready in a hotel room and receive a good hard screwing, Porsha takes it up the ass and loves it. Mariah, a 19 year-old hoochie mama, gets her screw on with the oversized dick of Byron Long. He hits it real good and leaves her with a wad of cum on her face. Capri, Cinnabunz, Byron and Mr. Marcus close out this freak show with plenty of sucking and pussy popping. Check out this blistering study in black on black sex from Nicky Starks.

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