Free Massage 46 - Stephanie

Released at: June 13, 2019 by Desert Wind Studios
Will the old guy ever stop advertising that he is giving away free massages? Not likely, when you see the hot Hispanic gal in his latest video. While waiting for his young female massage student to show (she never does) he starts the massage on this little cutie. As usual he can not keep his hands from wandering close to her tits and pussy. He is shameless the way he takes advantage of young girls and some not so young. He soon has his hands under her dress playing with her beautiful young tits. Before long he is playing with her pussy as well. A couple of sex toys and busy fingers later this cutie has some very nice climaxes. Do not miss the scene where he pulls the dripping glass dildo out of her dripping pussy. Will he get to blow his wad on this beauty? Don't forget to see AFTER FREE MASSAGE STEPHANIE coming soon.

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