Fuck My Mom! 3

Released at: August 8, 2023 by Score
There's something about the idea of fucking a woman who has children and maybe even grandchildren that makes any MILF lover rock hard. The third edition of this best-selling series is packed with 50something moms with hot bodies, dick-sucking lips and pussies they love to get fucked deep in some of the hottest P.O.V. action imaginable. One of the ladies, Mandy Monroe, is a wife and mom who lies back and spreads wide so you can slam your meat all the way inside her tight ass and leave your load inside. Plus MILF sensation Maddie Cross sucks cock and balls and plays with her big tits when she's fucking, newcomers Ruby Lynne and Halcyon Gold in their first scenes and more.

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Scene1: 00:01:44 - 00:21:05 (19:21)

Scene2: 00:21:07 - 00:38:11 (17:04)

Scene3: 00:38:13 - 00:58:02 (19:49)

Scene4: 00:58:04 - 01:18:42 (20:38)

Scene5: 01:18:44 - 01:39:14 (20:30)

Scene6: 01:39:16 - 01:59:01 (19:45)