Future Darkly Vol. 1

Released at: September 18, 2018 by Pure Taboo
Vincent, (Michael Vegas) a mild-mannered bus driver for George Ivan Junior College is driving a group of 18-year-old school girl home from class, as he does every week day. Around the corner, after dropping off all the girls for the day, he stops the bus abruptly. Later It's revealed that he will use future technology to recreate the girls in ~~The White Room,~~ where he acts out his taboo fantasies, but one little mistake could bring it all crashing down. ~~ARTIFAMILY~~ specializes in creating android clones of deceased loved ones so that no one must suffer the loss of losing someone too soon ever again. Their team of scientists were able to upload and digitize brain cells to construct an exact clone, using machine learning and patented algorithms to generate a personality match from the digital data. Apart from a small microchip behind the left earlobe, you would never know that ~~ARTIFAMILY~~ members weren't human.

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