Hands of Lust: Neighborly Foreplay

Released at: March 19, 2010 by Urge Alliance
Robbie is one sexually deprived MILF. She's been flirting with her best friend's teenage son Martin since he moved next door over a year ago. She's constantly asking him to fix things around the house. Every time he comes over he's guaranteed to bust a nut one way or another. Robbie loves stroking him to orgasm. She starts by engaging in a deep soul kiss, heating up her young neighbor while he fondles every inch of her body. She begs to be finger fucked as she strokes and sucks Martin thick cock. She keeps jerking it off while sneaking in a few slurps to keep his shaft moist. She works it until he ejaculates warm semen all over her hands. Martin knows it's now time to leave.

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