Hitchhikers 2

Released at: September 23, 2011 by West Coast Productions
**2012 AVN Award Nominee for Best Ethnic-Themed Release - Black.** Ass or cash, nobody rides for free! These hot sistas are ready for a wild ride! Rihanna Rimes hitches a ride with Prince and Jon Jon to Sin City. However, nothings free. Her pussy gets tagged teamed and destroyed by two black rods. Amber Stars is a long way from home. She'll do "anything" to get there quicker including giving up some ass to the next available ride ... Taxi!!! Mr. Marcus catches a break when he's spotted by Imani Rose and Bella Moretti stranded on the side of the road. His road side service includes pussy, tits and ass. Now that's service! Madison wants to get back at her man for cheating on her. She hitches a ride from the next willing driver and gets her brains fucked! .... Karma is a bitch! Jade Nicole needs a ride to the mall. She ends up being the ride when T - Reel drives his dick right up her ass. I guess the mall can wait?

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