In Style

Released at: March 15, 2001 by Wicked Pictures
**CONTENTS** **12** ~~Editor's Comments~~ Join Devinn Lane as she explores a mansion of desire where one's innermost sexual fantasies can become stylish reality as each room is transformed into a tableau of sensual abandon. **Cover Stories** **25** ~~Doin' the wild Mambo~~ Double partner maneuvers. Our resident mambo professionals show off the latest hip gyrating pelvic thrust that will have your head spinning. **32** ~~Tantric Schmantric~~ Perfecting the art of the ten minute romp. In this busy world sometimes all you need is a good sharp shag. **Health & Fitness** **92** ~~Blowin' Off Steam~~ Health Guru Steam Richards shares his secrets on how to reduce stress in your life. **53** ~~Down Home Cooking~~ This is what can happen if you leave your meatloaf in the oven too long. **Up Close and Personal** **43**~~Devinn Lane~~ An indepth viditorial into Devinn's inner most sexual fantasies. **59**~~Passion Police~~ I'm sorry officer but I seem to have dropped my license. Could you help me find it? **69**~~What Position Do You Play?~~ In a recent survey eight out of ten cats said that they preferred it doggie style. **Fashion & Beauty 48** ~~Lingerie Extravaganza~~ What's hot and what's not on the fashion front line.

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Miko Lee

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