Janeen's Muscle Domination And Worship

Released at: January 18, 2019 by Iron Belles
One of the thickest Female Bodybuilders today is Janeen Lankowski. Her full biceps and peaks, thick quads and calves not to mention her popping shoulders make her one complete package. She is 10th in the world to date and aiming to be #1. Watch and worship her muscles in this video as her sessionee is and become enamored with her awesome physique! Janeen shows off her aggressive dominant side as she wrestles and throws her Worshiper to the ground and starts to put on holds to him. From body scissors, to reverse head scissors, schoolboy pins, Janeen is one tough cookie! If you like muscle fun wrestling, this is just up your alley!! The last part of this video demonstrates Janeen's awesome strength in Arm Wrestling as well a muscle worship, scissor holds , knock out head lock and some foot fetish.

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