League Of Frankenstein

Released at: August 18, 2015 by Digital Playground
**2016 AVN Nominee for Best Special Effects** **2016 AVN Award Nominee for Best Foreign Feature 2016 AVN Award Nominee for Best Art Direction** In the early 1900s, eccentric genius scientist, Victor Von Frankenstein joins up with an adult Peter Pan and his compatriot, Wendy, to open a portal to another dimension. When a sexy hooked handed female pirate is released into their world with an eye for domination and destruction, only a team comprising of the greatest heroes of their time can defeat her and so Frankenstein assembles a fighting force comprised of female monster hunter Van Helsing from Dracula, gun toting archeologist Jane, aggressive headcase Alice and a certain magical warrior fairy. Only together can they defeat the pirate army but first they must learn to work together. Packed with incredible special effects, this action packed, super sexy epic delivers a porno experience unlike anything before.

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Sienna Day

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Scene8: 03:46:52 - 04:25:27 (38:35)


Tina Kay