Lesbian Chronicles Volume 13

Released at: September 13, 2011 by Red MILF Productions
MILF Rachel and young cutie Leihla had a long night with several glasses of spirits. When they woke up the morning after, Rachel found herself in bed with Leihla. She was wearing a skimpy nightgown and felt moist between her legs. Leihla smiled and kissed the older woman. Rachel tried to remember what happened, but her brain was a haze. Leihla remembered but did not want to say, as she could see Rachel was upset. They went to the kitchen and had coffee. Rachel was still trying to remember, then it came to her, they had sex! Leihla just grinned. She had confessed to her feelings towards woman, especially older women, in a sexual way. When Rachel remembered that she became embarrassed and ashamed. She wanted to leave right away! Leihla convinced her to stay. She slowly began to work her magic on Rachel, seducing her right there in the kitchen. They both moaned and came for each other. Rachel had not been with a female in so long, she forgot how sweet pussy tasted. And how amazing it felt to have a woman lick her body! After several orgasms already, Rachel and Leihla went to the living room. They both ravished each other into multiple orgasms with licking and fingering. They scissored, rubbing their shaved pussies together and mixing their juices. Rachel saw how happy and satisfied her young lover was, so she no longer felt ashamed.

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