Mothers & Stepsons Vol. 5

Released at: January 27, 2021 by Family Sinners
2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best MILF Movie Denny (Seth Gamble) impatiently waits for his stepmother, Susan (Silvia Saige), to get ready to go out. He confronts her when she makes another excuse for being late, only to find out she feels trapped in a loveless marriage. Leaning a shoulder on her stepson, Susan realizes she's in love with Denny. Clark (Van Wylde) and his needy step-mom, Ava (Kit Mercer), have been having an affair. Ava likes to take charge but the real one in control is Clark. Jenny (Penny Barber) starts to feel as though she's being watched as she gets changed and when she sees her stepson (Dante Colle) in the other room, he's suspiciously out of breath. She decides to catch him red-handed and confronts him about his voyeuristic tendencies. Due to lack of sex, Alexandra (Reagan Fox) has had a very short temper. Her friend Lisa suggests getting action from her step-son (Codey Steele), an idea Alexandra rejects at first but she soon changes her mind.

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Kit Mercer

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