Muscle Moms

Released at: August 22, 2020 by Aziani Iron
Driving by the gym we saw Rhonda's car in the parking lot so we decided to wait until she was done with her workout and see if we could talk to her about taking a visit to our Glory Hole. Damn she looked great in her tight little workout outfit. Her big boobs were popping out and the tiny little shorts hardly covered her pussy. Every girl seems to like getting dressed up so we decided to tell her we were having an end of summer get together at the Glory Hole. We just happened to have a micro bikini with us and when I say micro I mean very tiny and completely see thru. We had the top off the jeep so Rhonda was a little nervous about changing clothes in the gym parking lot, but we convinced her to strip out of her gym clothes and try the bikini on. Once she got naked we knew we had her. Rhonda enters the booth for the first time with a little nervousness in her voice, but the jitters go away fast as cock number 1 pushes through the hole. Rhonda drops to her knees and starts working the first cock. She asks him how he likes having his cock sucked and he says all ways. Rhonda blows the thick cock while stoking his shaft. She then puts the cock in between her big tits and lets him titty fuck her until he deposits his load all over her tits and tight stomach. Cock number 2 pushes through the hole hard and ready for Rhonda's warm mouth. She strokes his cock while sucking the head and playing with his balls until he cant hold back and shoots his huge load all over her titties adding his cum to the mix. Rhonda takes off her bikini bottom and lets the next guy play with her wet pussy. He fingers her and rubs her big clit until she can't hold out any longer and puts his cock into her mouth. It's hard to last with Rhonda's blowjob abilities so he let's go of his cum, dumping another load all over her big boobs. Now cum covered Rhonda works her way over to cock number 4. She starts by giving him a tight handjob then goes to her knees to taste the pre-cum dripping out of his cock. She takes his cock deep into her throat and plays with his balls. Cock number 5 pushes through the hole entering Rhonda's mouth. Rhonda deep throats his cock for several minutes then goes to cock number 6, she loves to make a cock grow and cock number 6 surprised her with how big it got. She sucks and strokes his cock until he unloads on her tits and abs. Rhonda goes back to cock number 5 to finish him off, but before she starts she touches herself and tells him how wet her pussy is. All these cocks are really turning her on. She plays with her pussy while sucking his cock until he makes his contribution to Rhonda already cum covered ripped up body. She has cum dripping everywhere off her body and cock number 7 is ready to give her more. She spreads her legs showing her pussy while sucking his cock until the 7th cock of the day squirts his load on her abs. Dani Dupree is a fitness chick with a huge appetite for cum. She is nervous and excited as we interview her before we let her go back to the Glory Hole. Her body is strong, sexy and ready to extract as much cum from the guys as they have to offer. We sit down with Dani to get to know her better, she tells us about her first hand job and with those big biceps of hers she should be able to jerk the guy right through the hole. She starts with the first cock stroking it good, you can hear the excitement in her voice as she moans and groans with each stroke. She take off her top to show us her big boobs, as she gets more and more turned on she starts to play with her pussy as she strokes his cock until he cums all over her tits. She takes off her shorts for next awaiting cock, lubes up her hands and goes to work on his cock. As she jerks him she moves around like she is riding a cock at the same time. This cock is ready to give her a nice big load all over her naked body. He spays her all over with jizz. Covered in cum, Dani moves onto the next cock. Her body looks so sexy covered in jizz and the next cock is going to put even more icing on her body. She strokes him until he explodes all over her. The more cum she gets the more excited she becomes. She drops to her knees for the next cock. Her pussy is dripping wet and she starts masturbating again while jerking this cock until he adds his cum to her already cum covered body.

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