Pick Up Lines #31

Released at: December 18, 1998 by Silverstone Entertainment
Pretty Jill Kelly and Eric Price settle in to view the latest Pick Up Lines footage. What do they see? Claudia and James ride around scenic, historic Budapest in a horse-drawn carriage. They park out in the country, where kissing and foreplay lead to fucking and a facial cum shot. Mina and David engage in their own foreplay before he fucks her in the ass, both doggie- and spoon-style. Modeling agent Jordan interviews models Nikki and Monic in his office. A photo session is followed by a video screen test, which soon becomes a girl-girl sex scene. Pussy eating makes the girls so hot that they wind up giving a double-blow-job to Mario. Carolina invites Zsolt into the kitchen, where kissing and titty play leads to oral sex on the kitchen counter and lots of fucking. On a gorgeous day Cheyenne finds Tex lounging poolside. She seduces him, and their sex gets so hot that she soon needs to get nailed in the butt. Naturally, all this sweltering video sex leaves Jill and Eric with little choice but to make like the folks in the movie. Their extraordinarily hot session climaxes with a facial cum creaming, as all six scenes in this video do.

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Scene4: 00:58:41 - 01:08:10 (9:29)

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Scene6: 01:29:27 - 01:46:10 (16:43)