Released at: April 13, 2020 by All Her Luv (AllHerLuv)
Aubrey is talking to her bestie, Sarah, on the phone. She's talking about her favorite topic, boys. Aubrey has a little fetish, she loves to seduce men that she's not supposed to. She's fucked both of her sister's boyfriends, her Algebra teacher, and she confesses with a whisper " deepest darkest secret, is to seduce my step-daddy!" Adriana and Sofi have plans for the ultimate revenge. Aubrey is in the bath with her headphones on while the sisters sneak in. Sofi distracts Aubrey by slipping in the tub with her while Adriana puts her hand over Aubrey's mouth, and lifts with all her might to pull Aubrey out of the tub, sopping wet. The plan is simple. Aubrey will hand over her paychecks at the Twisty Cone Diner to the girls, or they'll tell mom they have her on tape confessing she wants to fuck step-daddy. The second part of the plan is to get Aubrey to confess, "I'm Aubrey Sinclair, and I'm a boyfriend stealing slut." Sofi and Adriana pinch at her skin, poke her in jest, and they notice her pussy sparkle. A droplet of wetness trickles down her vaginal wall and is slowly traveling down her thigh. Adriana and Sofi are horrified, totally grossed out that Aubrey is enjoying her punishment, and secretly, their own power over their sister, and the idea that they're turning her on is intriguing. Adriana orders Sofi, "bite her!" Sofi happily obeys biting her abdomen, right down to the swollen fleshy mounds of Aubrey's pussy, she bites down hard. "She likes it, she's getting wetter still!" The girls start slapping Aubrey's breasts, rubbing her, and Aubrey closes her eyes, the whirl of the girls taunting her are starting to blur, and she can't keep her body from enjoying the feeling, she tries to focus, to keep the pleasure under control, but Adriana grabs her Hitachi vibrator. She pushes it on her hard clit while she fingers Aubrey, "tell me you're a whore, SAY IT TO THE CAMERA, tell us you're a boyfriend stealing slut." Sofi joins in, "that wants to fuck your daddy! Say it, say it, CONFESS IT!" Watch the story unfold.

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