Rianna James

Released at: January 3, 2018 by Transational Fantasies
Canadian sexy mama Rianna James loves going to the nude beach... well, really, anywhere she can be naked! She tells you how porn makes her feel really good, really hot, and really desirable as she takes off her clear platform heels. Her legs are wrapped up in a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings, and she asks if you desire what's between her legs. Can you see it poking out? She opens up to you about how much she loves older men... being on top of them... sitting on their faces. As she gushes, her tasty balls hang out the side of her black thong. She loves putting her girl nuts in a guy's mouth and telling him exactly how to touch and suck them. There's just something about sitting on a guy's face that puts her in control. Having a tongue in her asshole is so hot for her. She begs you to eat her trans girl pussy. Taste her insides! Make an effort! Dig your tongue way in there! So deep! Suck on her lady ball sack too, as it hangs down between her tattooed thighs. Her lady cock is super hard now and twitching for you. She wishes you were there to fuck her, but she'll just have to make do with the monkey rocker. She rides up and down on the big black dildo as her cock bounces up and down on the seat. Now, watch as she sits back and strokes out a big load of girl spunk all over her stomach and breasts. Just when you think she's finished squirting out a boatload of cum, she says, I think there's a little more. She squeezes out the rest of her huge mess all over her pierced belly button. You're sure to enjoy each and every last drop of Rianna's love juice.

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