Road Queen 30

Released at: August 18, 2014 by Girlfriends Films
If papa was a rolling stone; then what does that make these hot and horny lesbian mamas? These Road Queens check into a hotel for a hot and steamy layover to make sweet and tender love to one another. Dana unintentionally hurts Deauxma feelings and makes up for it by making her gush with pleasure. Veronica and Nicky put on a mother-daughter ruse to get a room to sate their sexual desires! Natural looking babes driving each other into a sexual frenzy in four sizzling hot scenes!

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Scene1: 00:03:13 - 00:39:02 (35:49)

Scene2: 00:39:04 - 01:21:09 (42:05)

Scene3: 01:21:11 - 01:50:31 (29:20)

Scene4: 01:50:34 - 02:47:45 (57:11)