Sassy Schoolgirl, The

Released at: January 18, 2019 by Bleu Productions
It is a must for both the ultra-fetish aficionado and all naughty girls and boys! Have you ever wondered what went on behind the closed doors of an all-girls' finishing school in days gone by? There was a time when the promiscuous behavior of a bratty schoolgirl was met with the swift, stiff end of a wooden ruler to her bottom. Now a day, we would take that same young slut and glorify her on the Jerry Springer Show! Scandalous! Do you yearn to return to a time of more "Innocent Naughtiness?" Then this is the video for you. Here is your opportunity to be a real "Peeping Tom" and enter the rarely scene world of Head Mistress Tara. Watch in awe as she demonstrates the wisdom of "To spare the rod is to spoil the child" using paddles, hairbrushes, switches, rulers, wooden spoons, belts, straps, crops, whips, etc., to break the will of the unrepentant young Cindy Ireland, A sassy young Miss who has been caught masturbating.

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