She Male Samba Mania 43

Released at: December 3, 2010 by Third World Media
Raica Placido is our cover-girl for this volume. She has dirty blonde hair and a textbook tan. She is thick all over, with a beefy ass, big tits and meaty foreskin covering up her chubby Brazilian ant-eater which resides between her legs. Her boyfriend kisses her all over, paying special attention to her shaved anus and puffy nut sack. She sucks his dick and he devours her fat one, before bending over and allowing her to plow a path from his sphincter to his prostrate. She thrusts and drives and then lays back to get a plug from him as well. She rides him in RCG, as her sheathed fuck stick does the Brazilian cock-flop. She tugs out a milky one and deposits it on his ass, while he preps a sloppy one for the right side of her face. Cum drips from her cheek to her chest, before they shower together and clean things up. Luana Fiorelli has long legs and a skinny, all natural frame. She is a white chick, packin' a plump penis and always smiling and looking for fun. She is young and a bit nervous, but she is ready for life as a tranny in the big leagues. She stuffs her hairless wiener in his mouth, as he fondles her small and puffy tits. They cock grapple and get lost in each other's foreskin tips, as their giant ant eaters swallow up the other. Her ass faces northward as he plugs away at her smooth gliding shitter. Her skinny butt cheeks swallow up his thick stick, while her cock points up and her tight ball sack preps for some overtime. He scatters his seed first and she follows with a watery trickle. They shower and wash all the other's cum away. Raissa Raielem is an exotic Brazilian chick with dark skin, big tits and a big fat bubble butt. Her face may not be the prettiest or most convincing of shemales, but her perfect skin tone and meaty shaft more than make up for that. She likes white men and has found a true anal virgin to spend the day with. She devours his cock and nuts and then feeds him more than mouthful of her own healthy one. They both tug before he gets ready to plug her anus. She moves her hips without any coaching and sucks his cock in and out of her. Her brawny ball bag readies as her plump penis penetrates his pooper. His tight virgin anus fights the plugging, but she persists and orders him to put his legs back and allow her anal access. She spits on his face and then sprays a large clear batch across it. Joyce Naturelle is far from natural anymore.... her long hair, big fake tits and silicon injected ass are certainly all man made. However, she does have one all-natural item still on her body. That is her pink-tipped, pudgy penis and burly brown ball sack. They sword fight then suck and pay close attention to the other's foreskin curtains. Her pierced tongue hugs his rod tight, before his shaft splits her bung hole with all its might. Her big tits shake as her tranny voice grunts and she unleashes some fury on his hairy white ass. She pile drives her way through his hole and pulls out to discharge on his hairy belly. His penis, which pales in comparison to hers, finally coughs up a thick, high flier which clings to his own body hair. She showers and twirls her soaped-up hog in circles.

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