Step-Mom Wants My Load For Pregnancy

Released at: April 11, 2023 by Filthy Kings Clips
Sometimes people are just inappropriate. Like when Darrius' stepmom Daphne burts into the bathroom to hand him a towel... while he is showering! Or when Daphne buys him a new pair of boxers and wants Darrius to try them on... in front of her!? Pretty inappropriate, right? It's crossing some kinda boundary, at least. But most shocking of all is when Daphne busts in on Darrius jerking off and begins demanding his nut! She wants him to impregnate her!!? Darrius' father doesn't want any more kids and Daphne ain't having it. She DEMANDS her stepson's load. Although, when she shows her thicc ass to Darrius, he starts to sympathize with his stepmom's dilemma. Daphne sits right on her stepson's face and twerks her ass & pussy all up in his grill, so Darrius eats that booty like it was groceries. Daphne slobbers all over her stepson's knob, getting it nice & hard so he can take her fom behind. Daphne's phat ass jiggles & sways as she is railed by her stepson. Even though Daphne was begging for his nut, Darrius makes him stepmom cum hard a few times in the process. Once Daphne got hers, Darrius unleashed his cum all up in his stepmum! We'll be seeing these two on Maury in 6-9 months!

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