Taboo Tales Volume 92

Released at: March 17, 2014 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Brilliant young scientist Kyle is having trouble with his bratty stepsister Misty. Since the two have been left home alone while their parents are on vacation, Kyle figures it's safe to use his invention to correct Misty's behavior. In next to no time he has changed her into a vacant-eyed, unthinking slave. Orders follow, and Misty obediently starts doing the housework for her stepbrother. But power corrupts. Seeing how Misty will do anything, Kyle evilly makes her his personal fuck-toy. Scene 2 - Rachel's stepson Julian is a lazy, messy, party-animal. She goes to see Kathy, an expert, and asks for advice on how to deal with him. Kathy gives her a special amulet and tells her to use it on Julian. Rachel does so that night. The results prove startling. Under her influence, Julian gives up parties and goes on to clean the entire house. Soon Rachel has other ideas about what she can do with her stepson. A celibate widow for years, she is desperately in need of a good, hard fuck. She gets all she could wish for when she orders Julian to do the honors. Scene 3 - Nito and his stepsister Katie are always arguing. After a particularly bad bust-up, Nito resorts to ordering a gadget advertised in one his porno mags. When he uses it on Katie, she instantly enters a mindless, robot-like state. Nito relishes the idea of getting his own back on his stepsister by taking advantage of her while she is unawares. Having fondled her unmoving body, he orders her to assume some sexy poses. Then he throws caution to the wind and turns her into his living sex-doll.

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