The Naughty Nuns

Released at: April 21, 2021 by Dirty Doctors Videos
Another Day at the Convent and It seemed quite a few of us were in trouble again and we had been summoned to see Mother Superior who I dare say would be administering Punishment, and I was right, I received a good flogging from Mother Superior and then ended up Sucking Brother Malcolm's Cock with Sister Lexie while Mother Superior gave Sister Pammy's Cunt a good fucking with a vibrator, Mother Superior then demonstrated how to Suck Cock on Brother Malcolm before he Fucked Her Then as his Penance he was made to fuck us all starting with Sister Pammy Then Sister Lexie Then Me, Brother Malcolm was fucking me hard while Mother Superior stimulated my Clit with a vibrator after I had reached Holy Orgasm we all stripped off and sucked Brother Malcolm's Cock until he rewarded us with his Hot Creamy Blessed Cum..... Amen Sister

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