Three 2

Released at: December 22, 2021 by Deeper
AVN Award Winner for best Three-Way Sex Scene Three remains the mode of choice in this second collection of erotic vignettes from Mona discovers her husband's affair and f-races Kenzie to show her why she's been selected in Worth the Trouble. Liv's roommate insists on coming too when she discovers Livss secret on her way to a session with her dom in Do It Yourself. Laney allows her husband to bring another woman in as a fertility surrogate in Come First. Finally, Oliver's jealousy of Avery's side hustle with Vanna is put in check when Avery ties him up and tests his resolve against their mutual seduction. Each group finds a new up in the union of Three. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Lena as a couple navigates a complex experience. When Mona is made aware of the great trouble Oliver has gone to hide his weekend affair from him, she makes the couple to make the trouble worth it for her too. When Oliver insinuates that he might be morally superior to Avery in the way he turns a blind eye to others outside their relationship, Avery enlists Vanna to help her run a field test on his idea of himself. Liv has quietly been nursing an addiction to domination, but when her roommate discovers her chastity belt, she insists on being brought along too. Liv's dom looks Violet over with disdain. I didn't agree to dominate this woman, he says. Do it yourself.

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