Transsexual Sexcapades 9

Released at: September 18, 2017 by Trans500 Studios
The sexiest transsexual call girls, period. They're hot as hell, and they want you to tear up their asses! Summer is all about sitting by the pool, enjoying a drink and just enjoying the vibe. Our main gal Carla Abiazzi is doing just that with our boy. She's looking through the menu and is feeling a little hungry. Now if we are like the rest of you guys, with a hot ass girl like that right in front of you, the last thing on your mind would be food. Our boy wastes no time and heads right for that delicious ass. He comes at it at 100mph. Not only does he tear that ass up. Carla gives him a hardcore ass fucking too. He enjoys every second of it too. Let's get right to the action ladies and gentlemen. Lovely Carla Abiazzi in "Pool Time Snack" Boy Oh boy! it's about that time. We have the beautiful Gabriela Ferrari making her comeback. She takes it so good tonight folks. She's so thirsty for cock it's incredible. We know you guys have wanted her back and we finally got her. How perfect is it to start a Friday than with some delicious TS ass from such a gorgeous gal? Let's get right to the action ladies and gentlemen. Beautiful Gabriela Ferrari in " It's About that Time" Folks it's that time again. Another beautiful latin TS making her debut here with us. Linda Lumbana is hanging out bored as her dad leaves to work. She's dreaming of cock. She hasn't had dick in so long she yearns for it. Our boy Fabio is the family landscape guy so he's laying back doing his job as he runs into Linda playing with herself. Now if you know our boy you know he's all about some TS ass banging! Of course he sneaks in and boy is it on! One thing leads to another and the action starts. Let's get right into it with Linda Lumbana in "Peeping Tom Pounding" Today We have our boy Lance Hart chillin after a long night out with his uncle. He's getting some tips on how to pick up Mexican women. Latin Tgirls are a different breed of women. They simply love being romanticized. They love being sweet talked, wined and dined. It just so happens that our sexy Shaidel is hanging out right next to them. Without hesitation the boys get right to it. We don't have to explain what goes down next. Shaidel is headed right to Lance's place for some hardcore TGirl fucking. Shaidel definitely knows how to ride and suck some cock. Let's welcome our lovely gal in "Sweet Talkin' Sexy Ass Shaidel

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