Up and Cummers 30

Released at: August 18, 1999 by Randy West Productions
Dawn Burning comes to me for her second time ever on camera, and man, what a fuckin' body she's got! She gets Vince off real good, and I know she'll get you off too! Kiki's an animal! Believe me, she rips! She gets it every way she can from Vince, including in her ass! Man, is that a hot scene! Chastity jumps right out of a porn magazine I'm reading, and satisfies my black anal fantasy! Mmmmm Hmmmm.. You remember Linda Thoren from Up & Cummers #29- if you don't you must not be into girls! I give her a very unique anal experience, and let me tell you, that little blonde's asshole is sweet! It leads into one of the most intense orgasms I've ever seen. I came pretty hard too! Melina Devora's never masturbated before, but she's willing to learn.. You're gonna love it!

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Kiki Doll

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