Up and Cummers 34

Released at: August 29, 2000 by Randy West Productions
Oh yeah .. it's time for another edition of Up And Cummers! Randy West knows how you want it! You wanted more Naiomi, well...you got it!!! And this time she gets me off 3 times, including once on her pretty feet!!! Angelina is back to finish what she started with her real-life husband, and D.J.X. too!!! 2 Cumshots made this a fun event!!! Shy Melina Devora is back because she wants to try having sex with a woman!!! Felicia is only too happy to show her the ropes and give her a first time girl/girl experience!!! They get each other off a lot!!! Finally, we have a scorching 4-way!!! It was just going to be Shawnee & Vince, but then Papillion showed up and joined in!!! I got lucky too, and it was a blast!!!

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