Up and Cummers 42

Released at: April 30, 2001 by Randy West Productions
Amazingly, after claiming you'd never see a dick in her ass, Raylene (formerly Alexis Fontaine) called me to shoot her first anal scene and first with no condom. It was worth the wait as she had several hot orgasms during the scene. Hot, Hot lay! 18 year old former swimsuit and fashion model Monti, wanted a piece of Alex Sanders bad. So bad that she let him cum in her pussy! She loved it, he loved it, I loved it, you'll love it. Part two of Kiara Syns explodes with DJX and me taking turns, including her first anal orgasm and 3 cum shots. This is an extremely sexual beauty. Hope there will be more. American/Asian beauty Devin Chang couldn't wait, so I said no interview let's get to the sex! One cum shot on her beautiful natural breasts and one in her mouth takes care of her for now. Two beautiful blondes, Taylor Moore and Avalon have just met and immediately want each other. They also want to tease me and Avalons hubby, Mr. Lucky and John West and eventually this hot girl-girl scene turns into an all out orgy which continues into U & C #43. Including Taylor's first DP. See ya next time. Look for other great volumes from this exciting series

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