Video Adventures of Peeping Tom #14, The

Released at: April 10, 2001 by Silverstone Entertainment
Intrepid Peeping Tom brought his voyeuristic camera to Budapest, Hungary. Among the scenic action he spied: Pretty Monic watches Mike and David swimming. The boys turn their attention to her, soon kissing and eating her pussy. On a backyard blanket they fuck her, eventually double-penetrating her pussy and asshole before spurting cum on her face. Through windows Melonie and Frank can be seen next to a bar. They move out onto a balcony, where Frank fucks her pussy and asshole before spurting cum on her face. On a horse ranch Greta grooms her horse as hired hand Mike looks on. Soon she's kissing and blowing him. He porks her in a standing doggie position, then screws her ass and drenches her face. Lovely Mina is caught in the bath. She finds James in her house and he enjoys her titties before eating her pussy on the kitchen counter. Soon all three of her holes have been plowed. Nikki and Raggi are spotted near the ruins of Budapest making love on a blanket. Luxurious foreplay leads to anal sex and facial cum. On a beautiful day Andrew can be seen eating Eva's pussy by a swimming pool. Their oral play just fires them up for vaginal, anal and facial fun! Experience the voyeuristic instincts in you! Six scenes, each with anal sex & facial Cum shots!

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