Wrestling Virgin

Released at: June 2, 2015 by Iron Belles
Nervous Paul a wrestling virgin finally digs up the courage to schedule his first wrestling session. Upon their initial meeting he insults Hurricane Havanna by telling her that she is just "a girl" and "not very strong". Pissed off and impatient she grabs him by the head and throws him to the mat and into a reverse headlock. "I'm just giving you what you wanted a Dominating Woman!" Her leg scissors grabs his body and squeezes. The moves continue with smothering him deep within her breasts. She sits upon his back, grabs those feet into a Boston crab. Havanna now teases him with a sensual twist and taunts him. Pelvic thrusts, forward face sitting, reverse face sits him. Trying to turtle up to resist her holds, she throws the camel clutch on. Havanna grabs his arm for an arm bar, then a head scissor, she buries him deep in her crotch. He is pulled back into the camel clutch, Now the smothers, face sits, Havanna makes him repeat after her "Beneath you is where I belong"; Pulling him deep into her crotch wanting him to hum for it feels so good! She straddles his legs and gives a right elbow, another right to the family jewels and into a reverse face sit. Standing head scissors, Paul pulls her hair and grabs her boob, irritated with him she reverse face sits him, Makes him worship her feet, to a foot smother to face. Head scissor, body scissors, Making Paul do the hum technique again, Havanna enjoys her hum. "I will always be the best." She smothers him with her crotch until he passes out.

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