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Review: September 14, 2011, reviewer Steve
Sexy Settings is a fetish and bondage site that has many models and newcomers being tied up for the very first time - and it is all recorded so that we get to watch it all unfold! All of the content on the site is completely exclusive, so for those of you in the market for some brand new girls in brand new scenes and galleries of very kinky BDSM action, you might want to check this out!

The navigation on this site is what I would describe, being as kind as I can be, as not all that great. The problem is that all the content is lumped on to one large index page, some of it thumbnailed and some not, with no division of galleries and videos, and no particularly reliable models index either. The only real positives I found here is that there is a lot of information about the site itself and the update information for the most recent galleries and videos is very good indeed. But really, I found this a pretty difficult site to navigate and it needs to be a lot less cumbersome than this.

The video options were not as impressive as they could have been either, although a good option presented by the site was that they give you the chance to download full length videos or re-edited shorter versions. Whichever you choose, though, they are usually available to play at 512x384px in .MOV format and you often have to extract them from a ZIP file. ZIP files are also offered on the galleries, although they are optional here, and they are usually sized at around 533x800px. However, HD is advertised for both types of content, but it really is a question of whether you can find it. The site usually updates twice a week on average, although figuring out just how much content is here is a lot more difficult.

I wouldn't say that the presentation issues highlighted above irreversibly knee-cap the chances of being a good site, but they clearly do not help a site that, when it gets down to the content, has other issues to address as it is. It seems the word 'fetish' is being used very liberally here with some scenes and galleries and videos amounting to little more than stripping and nudity. Of course, as it turns out the majority of the content is absolutely excellent and it's far more likely to appeal to people who want to see lots of hot girls in plenty of random galleries and videos. A bit of a dilemma!


I really don't think that Sexy hits its target of being the fetish site that I was expecting it to be as too much of its content is far too gentle and softcore. The presentation leaves a lot to be desired, but any beliefs that this is a bad site are blown out of the water when you see the models and the content they have on board. What I would say is to take a good long look before you take the plunge so you know exactly what you are getting.
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