Candy Chicks

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Candy Chicks is a fun, FREE to play match-3 sex game where you take on the role of a worker in a sex toy business. Your MILF boss shows up and let you know that your competitors have made big advances, and the company's in trouble! You're being sent on a trip to the Amazons to help test a new range of toys on the willing local girls.

At its heart, Candy Chicks is a dating sim with puzzle elements, with a very horny twist. Detailed Hentai artwork really springs to life - there are loads of filthy POV sex scenes to enjoy, and you'll be enjoying a lot of them as you craft ever more advanced sex toys to delight and drench the pussies of the clientele.

So get yourself down to the Amazons and start dating, secuding and fucking every hot girl you've ever dreamed of.


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Free to play
$1.00 for 250 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$5.00 for 750 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$10.00 for 1500 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$20.00 for 3000 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$40.00 for 6000 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack

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