Fap Titans

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Welcome to Fap Titans! The name of the game is to collect sexy heroes to help you fight nasty monsters! Each time you defeat a foe you will gain points to help you level up and progress in the game! As you beat up monsters, you'll gain coins to help level up your chosen ladies!

If you're interested in the game yourself, you progress by leveling up. You'll get quests that you have to complete and while you work to upgrade your damage per click! While you play, you'll earn some amazingly beautiful erotic art that you can continue to go back to time and time again. If you love hentai, then chances are you're going to love this art work!

Overall, if you're looking for a free, sexy browser based click game then you'll want to try this one out! Registration is completely free!


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Free to play
$5.00 for 40 token (one-time)
$10.00 for 100 token (one-time)
$20.00 for 220 token (one-time)
$40.00 for 1000 token (one-time)
$49.00 for 1250 token (one-time)

Payment types

Credit card

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