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Picture Posting Rules on FreeOnes

The ins and outs of posting pictures on FreeOnes

Chances are if you're reading this, you love looking at beautiful women. You probably even have an entire collection of beautiful women you'd love to share with the world!

Trust me, we'd LOVE to have you share your entire collection with your fellow FreeOnes members, but there are real world rules (i.e. copyright laws) that govern how you can show those pictures. To make sure that we can stay up and running to share our own legally curated photos and videos with you, we need you to follow certain rules when it comes to posting pictures.

Photo Licenses

Unless you took the photo, obtained rights to the photo, or have some sort of license to re-publish the photo elsewhere, chances are the license you have to the photos you find on the internet are for personal enjoyment only. If you own the photo outright, you can ignore these rules. Make sure to hit up @freeones_adam to become an Approved Content Owner so your posts aren't deleted.

If you can't prove ownership of the photo you're posting, then you need to follow the rules below..

Photos as Attachments in a Post

1.) Did you obtain this picture from someone's OnlyFans, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Modeling Page, etc? If so, and unless the person has given permission for their fans to reshare the photos, you don't have permission to show them.

To be clear, we at FreeOnes are NOT giving permission to share something that you don't have the license to share. However, if you attached a photo here or there along with the link to where ever you got it from, chances are it will be fine. If your picture attachments start to be a problem and FreeOnes starts getting legal notices for your behaviour, we could take your attachment permission away.

2.) Did you obtain the picture(s) from a (legit) porn site sample gallery or site tour? Make sure to link back to the site you got it from and chances are they'll be ok with it as long as you leave their watermark and aren't posting thousands.

3.) Did you get the photo out of a paid member's area of a porn site? Again, we're not giving you permission to post something you only have the personal license to use. However, in general if you're only posting 1 or 2 and link back to the site to give them some advertising, they won't send legal love letters to FreeOnes.

Hotlinking Photos

Back in the day hotlinking photos was in general a huge no no because bandwidth was expensive. Today, it's still bad etiquette to hotlink an image unless the site you got the image link from allows it.

On top of this, there's still the question of copyright. Just because the picture lives on a non-FreeOnes server doesn't mean that FreeOnes has the right to display the image, which is what you're essentially doing with hotlinking.

You're not going to get banned for hotlinking unless you really take the piss with it and are hotlinking everything you can hotlink to on the entire internet. However, the best policy is since you have the link, just post the link!!

Especially since a simple link isn't gowing to slow down your fellow member's browsing experience that has the unfortunate circumstance of being on crappy internet.

End of day, use common sense. If you know who owns it, you can never go wrong if you get written permission. If you're not sure if you should post it, you probably shouldn't be. If you cause the FreeOnes Team tons of work having to respond to legal love letters from pissed off models, companies and lawyers, expect this feature to be blocked at the minimum and at worst a complete account ban.

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    Jul 7, 2020
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