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Want to know more about reactions? Read here!

What are reactions?

Like on Facebook or other social media, you can "react" to another user's posts! Except on FreeOnes how you react can impact another user's "reaction score".

Reactions may be positive, negative, or neutral.

How do I give reactions?

To give reaction, hoover your mouse over the "Like" icon to the bottom right in the relevant post. This will reveal the reaction icons that you can choose from.

How do I know what reaction I have received?

You wil receive notifications informing you of the reaction type, who it came from and what thread it came from.

How much reaction is given? What is reaction power?

Like (+1), Love (+5), Haha (+2), Dislike (-1), Turd (-5), Wow, Sad and Angry are neutral (+0).

The original purpose of the system was to allow members to reward other members for posting good links, insightful comments or just a "pat on the back." However, the system has become, for many, a simple way to say "hello" or hand out reaction in a random manner (a "rep bump"). As such, there may be members that:

  • 1.) Take reaction very seriously and gives/takes only when deemed necessary/worthy
  • 2.) Gives reaction just to be friendly or hope to get reaction back (collectors)
  • 3.) Could care less about the system
  • 4.) All or some of the above

To that end, the reaction system does not signify the importance, credibility or respect level of a member. There is no other reward or punishment for your reaction score.

Why did someone give me a negative reaction?

If you received negative reaction, there may very well be a solid reason. There also may not be a reason that you can perceive. This is a part of life on this message board. Don't let negative reaction affect your participation, unless of course you realize that the negative reaction was for a legitimate reason and you need to stop your behavior (such as rule violations).

What constitutes abuse of the reaction sytem?

There's really no abuse possible with the reaction system as there is no messages that can be passed along. A dislike or turd reaction DOES NOT equal abuse. Don't bother mods or admin about it.

What if I don't want anyone to see my reaction?

Reactions are public info.

Does reaction do anything else?

Not for the moment.

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    Mar 27, 2020
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