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Hijacking Threads

What is hijacking a thread mean?

Hijacking a thread is when someone takes the discussion of the thread in an entirely new topic without creating a new thread.

Is thread hijacking allowed?

We do not allow people to purposely hijack a thread.

How do you know when a thread has been purposely hijacked?

You can generally tell when this has been done on purpose when someone blatently changes the topic, posts pictures that have nothing to do with the topic, etc.

Can a thread accidently be hijacked?

Yes. However, we're a lot more leniant on this because a thread is nothing more than a written conversation between multiple people. If you listen to a conversation between 2 or more people, it will often take a lot of twists and turns and rarely stays about the original topic when the conversation started. Threads can sometimes be this way. Example, the original topic was the color of the models eyes but it progresses to her boobs via the natural flow of conversation.

Can I get in trouble if I hijack a thread on purpose?

Yes. You can simply get a warning in the thread itself or via PM, but you can also get infractions. The more you hijack threads, the more points the infraction will be worth.