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Official Checked Star Members

What is an Official Checked Star Member?

An Official Checked Star Member, or OCSM, is an adult porn star or model that posts on the board.

Is an OCSM really that particular porn star or model?

Yes! The FreeOnes staff personally verifies each and every person that they give the OCSM title to. So Puma Swede and Courtney Cummz really are Puma Swede and Courtney Cummz!

I'm an adult model or porn star. How do I become an OCSM?

In order to become an OCSM, you need to fullfill the following requirements:

  • You must have a babe section on FreeOnes.com. If you don't have a babe section yet, we need to be able to make one. To do this, we need access to content to fill the section. This can include, but isn't limited to, an official site, social networking links, video or picture galleries from your site or from sites you have shot for (look in different babe sections to see examples of the type of links we're looking for).
  • Contact us via webmaster@freeones.com for further assistance in becoming an OCSM!

I'm a male porn star/adult model so I don't have a babe section on FreeOnes. Can I become an OCSM?

Yes! If you're a male porn star, email us for further assistance!

I'm a cam girl with a cam network. Can I be an OCSM?

If you can fullfill the requirement of being able to have a babe section on FreeOnes, then you can be an OCSM. Unfortunately, most cam girls belong to a network and don't have their own site or their own sample content so they can not fullfill this requirement. Of course, if your situation changes and you decide to start your own site, contact us and we'll discuss what we can do for you.